About Eric

Most recently a finalist on Food Network Star Season 8, I am always looking for the next great culinary adventure.  

I am a total gluton, fueled by my cravings…  

I dance around the globe seeking inspiration from the classics which I love to tweak into new and exciting interpretations. At home I am find inspiration in the perfection of the Sonoma wine country.

Currently I am a chef on a mission to provide each of my clients with that “perfect bite” through catering, consulting, food and wine pairing seminars and cooking classes.  

My wife calls it “culinary O.C.D.” – my obsession with composing each forkfull so that it encompases a perfect bite.

They Bay Area is a gut-busting hub of food nirvana: surrounded by great wine, stellar micro-brews, artisan breads & cheeses, and produce that will blow your mind! It is true that I need not travel to satisfy my hunger.  But travel I must.


1 thought on “About Eric

  1. Eric, congratulations on your successes at the Food Network. You’re obviously an ingenious chef with unique talents that are fired by your passion for amazing food. We live in Santa Rosa and were so damned proud to see one of our own be a real contender! Eat local, cook local! — Ed and Karen Rose

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